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What is the best day to go

Every evening you can enjoy the beautiful sunsets and good drinks here, anyday is good

Are there min orders or not?

Nothing, bro. 😊

How much to pay if you want to dove on the couch on the sand?

Just buy a drink in the bar

Hi - do you have gluten free meals on your menu?

You can select the seafood/food you want to eat and they make to order so yes definitely can be gluten free

is there fitness ??

How much member monthly

Does Ecco B have fitness, how much is it per month?

I don't know, miss

Hello, I will be in Bali in September from 20th to 23rd. will you have mud crabs then? How much will it cost. would like to try chilli and plain Thank you Robert

They were not on the menu when I was there, you need to contact them direct

What time is it open? I want to take guests there

Don't know what time it opened sorry, maybe next time because I'm in Thailand now

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